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Re: Rear Tire From: tailmaster
Re: Hard bags From: csburridge
Re: Hard bags From: csburridge
File - Monthly Information Update Reminder.txt From:
File - REMINDER - Check your oil each ride day From:



Re: Rear Tire

Posted by: "tailmaster"   tailmaster

Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:15 am (PDT)

Cycle Gear did mine without a single raised eyebrow. Did it while I waited. I'm approaching 3000 miles on this Goodyear President with absolutely zero problems. Looks great. Rides great.

--- In, "floodgateus" <floodgateus@...> wrote:
> I tried that ..they spotted the car tire a kilometer, Honda dealers prefer to service "what they sell"
> --- In, "Joe Pal" <pal996@> wrote:
> >
> > If you bring the new tire and the wheel (off the bike) to a motorcycle shop
> > I think you will have better luck.
> >
> > From:
> > [] On Behalf Of floodgateus
> > Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2010 11:46 AM
> > To:
> > Subject: Honda Reflex Group Rear Tire
> >
> >
> > Without starting a big debate over safety issues of using a car tire on my
> > reflex rear, I am ready to try it. I don't need performance, I need
> > longevity for a commuter vehicle. The problem is I can't find a shop to put
> > it on.. a car place wont touch a cycle wheel and a cycle place won't touch a
> > car wheel. I live in South Florida..I have been to Tire Kingdom, Wal Mart,
> > Sears and Firestone..anyone on this group have any decent ideas..please keep
> > the wisecracks.
> >
> > Floodgate
> >
> >
> >
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Re: Hard bags

Posted by: "csburridge"   csburridge

Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:39 pm (PDT)

Hi William,

Yeah, those saddlebags look cool, but I can't make out the name on the side of the bag. I could not find an exact match, but I did find something close. The bike is either a Roadmaster 250 Special Edition(the bags make it special?), or a Roketa MC-54B 250. A company named Family Motorsports Inc. sells the bikes. Also, FMI states in their FAQ section they stock parts for everything they sell. Now I don't know if that includes the saddlebags and mounting hardware. but here's a link to them:

Almost makes me want to buy a Roadmaster SE, just to tear it apart and find out what is Reflex and What is not. That might be fun.
Ride Safe

Craig Burridge

--- In, "William" <clarkartistry@...> wrote:
> Found this picture of a clone with these nice saddlebags...would like to purchase some if anyone knows where...and they are not priced ridiculously...any suggestions? Here is a link to the pic.


Re: Hard bags

Posted by: "csburridge"   csburridge

Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:06 pm (PDT)

One more time, check out this link for those hard bags:



File - Monthly Information Update Reminder.txt

Posted by: ""

Sat May 1, 2010 4:04 am (PDT)

Please visit the Polls section monthly to see if you can add some information regarding things like:
> Tire life
> Belt life
> Brake pad life
etc., based on YOUR recent experiences.
You can also take a look at other member's experiences with these and other items.

Also take a look at the Database section and add your info -
or view that posted by others on topics like:
> Member's locations and other info
> K-mod experience
> equipment
> Dealer experince
and other topics that may be added.

By providing your information, you are helping everyone
to have a better scootering experience.


PS - even if you have "voted" previously in a Poll, you can update your previous entry anytime.


File - REMINDER - Check your oil each ride day

Posted by: ""

Sat May 1, 2010 4:04 am (PDT)


Fuel System:

Keep the fuel tank full - especially during prolonged storage - to avoid rust.

Exhaust System:

Check all of the fasteners along the exhaust system and PAIR Emission system at each preventive maintenance check to help avoid blown exhaust gaskets and damaged PAIR items. Torque on headpipe studs is 7ft/lb, 9 Nm.

Fork Tubes:

Clean them to prolong fork tube seal life.


At least two members have experienced a catastrophic engine failure
due to oil loss!!!!

NEITHER observed tailpipe smoke or seepage or a puddle of oil.

At least one - a conservative rider - checked his oil (among other things)
WEEKLY - so his oil loss happened in a week's time of LOCAL ridng!

Hopefully, they will find out how the oil escaped when they
disassemble the engine so that we can learn from that
and avoid such a failure.

Meanwhile, check the oil each day you ride!!!

If one simply unscrews the dipstick and looks at the level on it, that dipstick was inserted about 1/2 inch FURTHER than the way it is to be done!!!!! - because it was SCREWED IN!!!!

It will give an artificially HIGH oil level indication.

It is imperative to:

1. Park the scooter on the centerstand - on flat ground.

2. Remove the dipstick, then wipe it with a clean lintfee wipe.

3. Reinsert the dipstick WITHOUT SCREWING IT IN
in order to get a correct check on the oil level.

4. Withdraw the dipstick without having screwed it in.

5. Check that the oil level is within the level marks on the dipstick.

Be careful to not overfill.

THe following addition from Rick in Ny:

P.S. The crosshatch squares are clear of oil when you wipe the dip stick
clean. When you insert it and remove it these little squares will have oil in
them to show how high you oil level is.

P.P.S. Too much oil has caused some people to loose power also. (Such as oil
dripping out when you take the dip stick out) Rick in KY

That's because the excess oil is sucked up into the the air filter
via the crankcase breather - Bruce

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