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Re: creative ideas? From: rieger_cl
Re: Paint From: rieger_cl



Re: creative ideas?

Posted by: "rieger_cl"   rieger_cl

Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:22 pm (PDT)

--- In, "rieger_cl" <rieger@...> wrote:
> My muffler cover is scraped to heck and looks terrible.
> Replacement price: $50+. Youch.
> Has anyone come up with creative (i.e., cheap, attractive and functional) alternatives?

$3.50 roll of a Chrome Brite metallic tape did the job nicely. Would have been better if the tape were 5" wide instead of 3" (to avoid a seam), but it looks a lot better than scraped white plastic showing through.


Re: Paint

Posted by: "rieger_cl"   rieger_cl

Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:25 pm (PDT)

--- In, "pufferbelly2" <pufferbelly2@...> wrote:
> Just wanted to share something I found out today. I have an 02 Gold Reflex that I like to keep looking as sharp as possible. It has a couple of small scratches that probably no one else would notice but they bug the heck out of me. After searching on line I found that ColoRite had my paint, Y170M Cyber Gold Metallic, $15 for a touch up tube. I hadn't ordered it yet and was glad I didn't, was in Advanced Auto today and discovered they had Dupli-Color HA 00983 Naples Gold Metallic YR524M for half the price and it appears to be an exact match!
> Steve

Thanks for the tip. I bought some today and have applied it to a number of scratches and scrapes. It looks better than before, but it's not a perfect match to the original paint. It looks like more of a match for our gold Honda Odyssey than my 2002 Reflex. I don't know if that's just the nature of touch-up paint or if the Naples Gold isn't quite the same as Cyber Gold. Having said that, it still covers up the scratches, so it was worth the $7.50.

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