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Selling my Reflex From: john_ski_66



Selling my Reflex

Posted by: "john_ski_66"   john_ski_66

Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:23 pm (PDT)

It seems I just don't use it enough to justify it anymore, so I'm looking to sell my 2001 red Reflex to buy (yet another) pedal bike. I'm looking to give my ride a nice new home. Currently located in Ashburn, VA, it's an '01 with 11,880 on the clock, K-Mod at 7,700 (have the other 3 rollers), Givi 211 (tall) windshield (you also get the original), Honda factory service manual, cover (no snags, tears or holes), dual LED 3-blink brake lights on raised backrest posts (have original hardware to put it back to original if you decide to), new Hoop tires on order and being installed next week. Battery is 3 years old, but maintained on a trickle charger.

There is a scuff on the X on the right side rear lettering of the word Reflex, from being put up against the wall of a moving van when we moved 3 years ago (that's what you get for hiring people to move you!). The X got rubbed completely off. Otherwise, never laid down.

I also installed a remote fuel filter at the spark plug door, cleaned the gas tank and rebuilt the carb when I bought it at 7,700 miles because the PO didn't ride it for a long time and the gas turned to varnish and clogged everything up.

Runs absolutely perfectly, and if you know Virginia, it has to get annual safety inspections, so all is good. Asking $2300. email is, not the one at

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