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Re: Reflex vs Helix

Posted by: "dporesky" dporesky@YAHOO.COM   dporesky

Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:28 am (PDT)

I rode a Helix for 30 years. Bought it in '87. Sold it in '07 for $2,000. Other than a few sets of tires, two batteries and an oil change every other year, I don't think it ever needed service. The only reason for selling it was that I wanted a Reflex. The biggest selling point was that at 65 mph the Reflex was stable and felt solid. I drive the highway daily. The Helix handling always felt a little tentative over 60 mph. Even though they are both 250cc, the Reflex has a lot more pep and can, unlike the Helix, still accelerate over 65 mph.

The one thing I don't like about the Reflex is the height of the passenger seat. The Helix was much lower and more comfortable for the back seat rider. Except for that, the Reflex is just about perfect.

~Dan P.

--- In, "BruceK" <bruce@...> wrote:
> There's a clue in the looks - the Reflex was designed to be more sporty. The result is a bit less comfort and a bit better performance.
> Which is better? It depends on your desires...
> For me, I could never warm up to the Helix appearance at all, so I stuck with my Elite until the Reflex became available.
> For what it's worth
> Bruce Koehler - the Koehlerizer
> Santa Cruz, CA
> --- In, "jhcaudill" <jnscaudills@> wrote:
> >
> > I guess I'm a little confused. At one time I rode a friend's Honda Helix while he borrowed my Goldwing (2 or 3 week trip he went on). I liked the Helix just fine, and so, when I decided to get a scooter (in addition to my Goldwing) I went looking for a Helix. Along the way, I discovered the Reflex, and promptly purchased a 2002 model. My impression was that the Reflex was the "new and improved" replacement for the Helix (since the Helix was designed in the early 80's). Now, I see ads for 1986 Helix's for upwards of $2000 and later models with asking prices of well over $3,000.
> >
> > Is the Helix a better/more desirable scooter that the Reflex? I thought they had basically the same engine(displacement wise) and drivetrain. Is there more to this story?
> >


Not ready for a car tire yet!!

Posted by: "s"   samzbamz

Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:49 pm (PDT)

Just ordered a set of Avon Viper Strykes for my '01 heard there soft but
thats OK!! got em cheap 99 bucks for the set shipped to MN ordered
Monday and Tuesday AM they were at my door!!Good source
great customer service!!
Good timesScott(wayup north,MN) Mathies

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