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Re: Mod your flex? From: Nelson Boll



Re: Mod your flex?

Posted by: "Nelson Boll"   petropete54

Sat Mar 6, 2010 3:42 am (PST)

I did the k-mod several years ago. GREAT imnprovement! Would not go back. To get to my house, there is a hill with a corner were my speed was always in the 30mph range. The flex felt like there was no power, it was at the dead spot. By doing the k mod, I had power on that curve.
The RPS's are higher at lower speeds. Any loss of milage was overlooked because of tha enjoyment from the increased acceleration. No loss of top end speed. My 02 Flex has 20k miles on and working well!                         Nelson in SE PA

--- On Tue, 3/2/10, willyjumpup <> wrote:

From: willyjumpup <>
Subject: Honda Reflex Group Re: Mod your flex?
Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 8:11 PM


I did not say anything against your modifying your Reflex.

I took the time to review the files area.

I took the time to read the test results posted about the Kmod.

High end suffers.

His modifications of the drivetrain with the Kmod would hamper his 75 MPH for HOURS cruising. That is not an improvement. If that is not so then why keep the test results in the files area?

I did not get in anyone's face just as you have just now.

Modify away.

--- In hondareflexowners@ yahoogroups. com, "tonymarchman@ ..." <tonymarchman@ ...> wrote:
> Hi Willyjumpup
> We really think we know what we are doing when we do the kmod, I did mine 33,000 miles ago and today it still runs great! I am certain I enjoy it more because I have "personalized" it. Honda built a great scooter but they are on a tight budget and they are building for the masses and the EPA.
> It is your decision to keep yours stock but before you give the rest of us advice maybe you should show your credentials. How long have you had your flex and how many miles have you personally accumulated? If your experience level is greater than ours then your suggestions will carry a lot more weight. Just my opinion.
> Tony in Tenn with 41k on a yellow flex and 16k on a red majesty

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