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Re: Stalling out. From: ricemoto987



Re: Stalling out.

Posted by: "ricemoto987" ricemoto987@yahoo.com   ricemoto987

Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:52 pm (PST)

I'm waiting for some time to pull my carb off and clean it. I've had idling problems for a couple months now. I've changed the fuel filter and run a whole can of sea foam thru mine as well. Also removed the gas and put in a tank of new gas. Runs pretty good beyond 3.5 rpms just won't stay running when idling.

--- In hondareflexowners@yahoogroups.com, "bob63653" <bob63653@...> wrote:
> I just found out what the problem was. Two months ago I took apart all the plastic to get to the carb and air housing. When I put everything back I had two screws remaining. Of course, I was to lazy to find out where they go. My honda mechanic just told me the air housing to the carb was not tight and had separated. This is what was causing the stalling. At $191 which includes pickup, new spark plug and tightening I learned my lesson the hard way. Do the job right if your going to play home mechanic. Thanks for everyone's help.
> Bob
> --- In hondareflexowners@yahoogroups.com, "satyrswoman" <satyrswoman@> wrote:
> >
> >
> > if none of the home remedies work i suggest taking it to your honda mechanic and ask him to check the automatic choke. that's what was causing my starting issues that my friend, a motorcycle mechanic, did not find.
> >
> > woman and t-bo (blue '06), houston, tx
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