Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scooter Resource- Reflex riding

My 2003 Reflex has 25,650 miles and runs like a fine watch. Doesn't
burn oil and has no problems. I know a guy that has a Honda
Motorcycle with over 95,000 miles on it and it has no mechanical
problems. All I can say to those that say they wouldn't buy one with
a bunch of miles on it, is DON"T buy it then, but if a scooter is
maintained properly, providing it is a Honda, it will probably run
indefinitely. As long as the price is reasonable, I say buy it. By
the way, I ran my last two pickup trucks over 300,000 miles each and
my present one has 180,000 on it and no problems. I do take good
care of my vehicles and do preventive maintenance on them.

No doubt many of you are having Withdrawals and are jonesing for a
ride! Actually I enjoy riding this time of year. If you get cold just
wear long-johns or some cold-weather pants (like the ones I have
advertised here for sale). I ride up into the Sierras once inna while
in cold weather to visit friends or something. In the spring it can
be worse. During the day the snow melts and water runs across the
road, in the evening before I get home the water freezes into black
ice. Hate that feeling... SHWOOOP! Crash!! Thud!

In the late spring it is different, MUCH nicer. We have a plant
association here that I think you folks don't have at all back
there.. the Chaparral. In the spring it is riotously in bloom, every
plant from a 2" flower to the towering manzanita (think it means
little apple in Spanish). There are waist-high and chest high shrubs
covered with blossoms too. The air is alive with various winged
creatures gathering food, the honey bees, butterflies, humming birds.
If you happen to be on a hillside covered with chokecherries then the
entire impentrable thick chaparral forest just squirms with life. the
squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes and such are gathering cherries, the
hawks are patroling above to pick off their dinner, the bobcat can be
seen if you are still enough long enough, Golden Eagles.. the air is
redolent with the heavy scent of flowers, just unbelievable.
Everything is moving! Bees, birds, butterflies, lil creatures, bigger
creatures, just incredible.

We have a hiway here that goes south along the eastern edge of the
Central Valley. For miles and miles you go through nothing but orange
orchards in bloom. the smell is So sweet and SO HEAVY its like syrup,
you get a headache from it almost. Once every few years I take a trip
down there (about 85 miles long) just to shove my way through the
thick air. And it is about 80-85 degrees then.

languishing in Fresno,


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