Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scooter Resource Heated grips

I spent a LOT of money for grip warmers. I bought this fancy setup sold
as Heat Demons. It has a handy 4-spd thumb switch and heating elements
that go INSIDE the bars. As it turns out, my scooter has bar weights
welded into the interior of the bars at the ends (In the Old Days we
usta pour lead into the bars to temper the vibrations). So, I couldn't
use the elements. The Nice Man kindly sent me the type of elements that
go under the rubber grips. Unfortunately they are electrically
different than the elements that came with the fancy switch and I
couldn't make them work together. I sent an email to the Nice Man and
this time he wasn't so nice. I know he is busy but he didn't even read
my note, I think he thought I was somebody else... he refered me to
some motorcycle switch parts. After spending $120 or so on these, I don't
feel I should have to buy anything else. All's I asked for was the
wiring diagram to make these work together.

So, I am using the new heat elements and they work fine. Too fine...
they get too hot even on 'low'. So I ordered a Pulse-width modulated
controller from Hot Grips (different folks). It came today on day #5 of
the 3-5 day delivery estimate.

This gives an infinite range of heat settings. It will mount under the
Tupperware somewhere with just a knob showing. Take note that these are
the Cats Pajamas.. this kind of controller is NOT a rheostat or
resistor. It doesn't waste energy or heat up like a rheostat does.

So it ends up me not using ANY of the original Heat Demon 'universal'
kit. I wudda been better off to have bought the cheaper $25 one to
start with. They should publish a list of machines that these WILL NOT
work with. But now, since I have a complete extra Heat Demon setup,
maybe I'll put it on a different bike.
Live and learn.

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