Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scooter Resource Windshield fasteners

Does anyone have a need for the stock fasteners to install a windshield. One or two of mine have been destroyed. I am talking about the little grommet type fasteners with the threaded insert and the bolt with the plastic washer. They are called "well nuts" (perhaps simply because while changing a windshield if one of those nuts falls into the inner sanctum of your front fairing, all one can do is say,"well, nuts !")

Brake light switches: I once had a bad connector for the left handle one my Reflex. It actually affected the other switch that needs to close to start, but it could have been either. Mine just had some dirt, and a squirt of contact cleaner took care of it.I checked my brake lights prior to going for a ride yesterday and the brake lights don't come on when either handle is pulled. I checked the bulbs, they are O.K. and the fuse is good because it is the same for the tail lights, which are working. Any ideas? Is there a central switch located somewhere that I can check?

Yes - the BRAKE LIGHT SWITCHes - which are likely the problem. Actually there are two of them - one on each brake lever. A simple 12v test light will be helpful. Two wires are routed to both switches: Brown/Black is hot (when the key is on) - and is the same as used to power the the tail and running lights. Green/yellow is the feed to the brake light bulbs. Post if you need more guidance, I checked both switches with an ohm meter and they checked O.K. Also I used a Volt Meter and got 12 volts through the switches when I squeezed the brakes on. I checked continuity of the wires with an ohm meter and everything appeared O.K. until I get to the plug at the lights. With the key on, I am getting power for the running lights, but no power when I squeeze the brake handles on either of the other pins. I'm getting ready to go out and tackle some more ideas and if I find the problem will post it here._

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