Friday, January 23, 2009

Scooter Resource

I'll be posting info on scooters here everyday. Info on Maxi-scooters (highway legal scooters over 200cc), on around town scoots( 70cc-180cc) and info on the little scooters now commonly mislabelled mopeds (49-50c). Although none of the scooters I'll be discussing are really mopeds (no PEDals, thePED part of MOPED, motors being the MO part). I personally have owned 8 scooters over my short life with two currently, a Yamaha Vino and a Honda Reflex. I've owned Vespa, Bajaj, Lambretta, Honda and Yamaha scooters over the last 30 some years and all were enjoyable and had their pluses and their shortcomings.
This video is an electric Vespa scooter !

Join me as we explore the variety and maybe we'll teach each other a few things along the way !

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