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Re: Reflex not starting up, help... From: Carlos Moran
My singlewheel trailer From: Michael



Re: Reflex not starting up, help...

Posted by: "Carlos Moran"

Tue May 11, 2010 7:32 pm (PDT)

Thanks Mike,

I'll try to get the lower body skirt off tomorrow.. I know that 90 degree
screwdriver squiggle thing (Phillips on one end slot on the other) I have
one! Hope my service manual arrives soon!


[] On Behalf Of Michael
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 8:45 PM
Subject: Honda Reflex Group Re: Reflex not starting up, help...

--- In
<> , "Carlos Moran" <losmoran@...>
> " There is a drain on the carb floatbowl - follow the clear plastic tube
> from around the kickstand - there is a "screw valve" at the other end on
> the carb - back it out to drain the carb - drain it into a glass container
> possible - to evaluate what comes out."
> Txs you guys!
> S N I P <
> Bruce as far as the floatboat?... I saw the clear tubing going to a place
in the carb that points toward the front of the Scoot, but I could not see
the screw to drain it.
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
Just above where the hose connects on the carb there is a place to
put the screwdriver to.

> When you say "the other end of the carb" do you mean opposite where the
clear hose attaches? (the screw would be facing the rear?) or is it on the
right side of the scooter? Opposite the kick stand?
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

He meant at the other end(not the bottom, but rather the upper end of the
hose.) ON the carb.

> Sorry.... but it's hard to see. I can only look through the opening by
removing the battery cover or removing the black cover just above the kick

I can see a screw right above the clear hose at the carburetor but I
couldn't get a screw driver if I tried.
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
THAT'S IT!! That's the one...

> Los.

To get better access to that screw, you need to remove the lower
skirt so you can reach up with your hand from underneath. A shorty
screwdriver might work, but the tool I used was this double bent
ended screw driver thing. One end had a slot type head and the other
a phillips head type. Shaped like the straight lines example below
where the end pointing up is slot head and the end pointing down
is the philips head.(I used periods as fill because Yahoo removes
unfilled spaces and it wouldn't display correctly otherwise)



Mike B.

Rochester Hills Michigan Double Dark Side Rider)
(2007 Honda NSS250S Reflex Sport "Scarlet")
(2006 Honda FSC600A Silverwing "Jester")

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My singlewheel trailer

Posted by: "Michael"   bandito_two

Tue May 11, 2010 10:29 pm (PDT)

The following is a post that I made a while back at another group and is followed up by another that I made recently.

Hello all:
watch this space for a new project on the horizon. for a hint, go
here and scroll down to where motorcycles are mentioned on the left
side of the page. Click. Take a look around. It's a very neat Idea.
Mike B.
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

OK, as promised, here is an update on the monowheel trailer. It's not
completely done yet; paint, wiring and lights have to be worked out,
plus changing a bearing on one side so it will have a dust cover.
But pics of the basic frame set up and how it hangs on the scoot can
be seen in the "Car tires and swingarm mods" album. Check it out.
Pretty cool!

I'm having 3 of these built. One for me, one for my brother who now
has posession of "After Midnight" and the 3rd one for ? Think I'll
call it "ScooTour Wagon" I gave a "crash test dummy" (one of the guys
at the welding shop) a ride around the parking lot to test it out.
Found just a couple bugs that needed fixing. They were fixed and
incorporated into the bare frame you see here now. The design was
inspired from trailers on the site. I'll update again
when completed, then an update after that for an "on the road"
evaluation. Gonna be fun for sure.

Mike B.

(Rochester Hills Michigan Double Dark Side Rider)
(2007 Honda NSS250S Reflex Sport "Scarlet")
(2006 Honda FSC600A Silverwing "Jester")
( Both with a car tire for the rear )
(and scooter rear tire for the front)

"Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds." -
Albert Einstein

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