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Re: New Tires

Posted by: "hikokibert"   hikokibert

Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:03 pm (PDT)

Shayne, I am also an Australian Forza rider. I have a Pirelli GTS 24 on the rear and can recommend it. It grips very well in the dry and wet. I have put around 6000km or so on it and there is plenty of life left in it, at least 3000km I would say to match your OEM Hoop. I haven't ridden on the Hoop so can't compare.Most of my riding is at 80km/h plus and I like to chuck it around a bit on roundabouts and corners so am not terribly conservative with tyre use, but nothing over the top either. I am amazed at some of the milages our peers in America get from their tyres.I wonder if our not so great roads are more abrasive and wear them down quicker.
I got the Pirelli from a long running scooter shop in Newcastle for $105 fitted. The Hoop would have been about $135 fitted but the shop guy said they had none in stock as they don't sell well.But they are a Piaggio dealer so maybe that is why.

Cheers, Robert

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