Monday, March 2, 2009

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Thomas wonders...
Hi All,

When Jenny had her Skipper 125 I asked about grippy (rather than hard
wearing) tyres and ended up with Conti Twists. She did 500 miles on them
in all weathers (as a learner) and I don't think they every let her down.

I think I like to start our life on the 250 Maj in a similar vein and
note it takes nearly the same size tyres as the Skipper (except the
skipper had a 120/70-12 front and the Maj a slightly taller / narrower

So, the Conti tire advisor suggests the Twists (or Twist Sport, what's
the difference?) so should we go with them again (the devil you know
etc) or does anyone have experience of something better please?

The current front is a fairly worn Bridgestone of some sort and the rear
a cheapo happy shopper thing (can't remember the actual model).

Cheers, Thomas


Can't help you yet! My rear tyre is an IRC - no, I hadn't heard of
them either. I have read some critical comments of them, but its
seemed fine to me. After my recent tyre troubles, I did think of
getting an IRC front as well. As the tiny little rubber bands on the
Maj seem outrageously expensive - the same price as tyre for the
T-max! - the fact that the IRC was £36 compared to £48 or something
for a B.stone or Michelin was quite a consideration.

I've never ridden a Conti, except on the wretched Pan-European.

Personally, I don't trust Pirelli, and quite like B.stone or Michelin.
On the T-max, the B.stones gripped amazingly well in the wet, but
didn't an last enormously long time. Hopefully since the Maj is
lighter and slower, they'd last longer on that! The Michelin Gold
Stars I had on the T-max lasted longer in theory, but the rear was
squared off and white-lining to an appalling degree well before the
tread was worn.

So, when I need Tires for my Maj, if I'm feeling affluent, I'll splash
out on new B.stones, or if I'm feeling mean, I might buy another IRC
or 2.....

Scooting the Ozarks Forum and Rally have a nice new flyer for the upcoming
Sept scooter rally. You can find it at the url below. I supplied both a
tinyurl and the full one. To make sure you can find and print out the new

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