Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scooter Resource -- No Fad !

What's the Big Deal?

Smart Alternative Transportation or Just a Fad?

Motor scooter new or used... they've always been a great alternative transportation. Learn about the benefits of riding a scooter, one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles around.

Can the popularity of this new breed of motorized 2-wheelers be attributed to nothing more than the latest trend? I don't think so. I suspect it goes much deeper than pop fads...

Motorized scooters have many things going for them, but the great mileage they get is probably one of the biggest, given today's ever-mounting gas costs. I know it was one of the biggest pluses for me.

Many gas motor scooters now get up to 100 MPG, which is at least 5 times what many of today's gas gobbling SUVs get. If you ask me, that's nothing to sneeze at! You'd have to list scooters among the most fuel efficient vehicles on earth these days.

Other Benefits of Today's Scooters

As a passionate scooter lover, I think there are many unique benefits. Here are a few of them:

* Environmentally-friendly
* Economical, on many levels
* Easy to drive
* Easy to maintain
* Great in traffic
* Stable and safe on the road
* Super easy to park, even in small places
* Lots of secure storage for shopping!

OK... here's 2 more highly subjective benefits, but thousands of scooters lovers everywhere agree with me...

They're just so darn cool AND tons of fun to ride!

I don't know how else to put it... every time I take off on my Honda Reflex scooter, I have this big grin on my face and I feel pure joy. To me, that's good enough reason to own and ride a scooter. But I DO enjoy all the other benefits of having a motor scooter new too.

This is the new 200cc scooter from Linhai that features a Yamaha-designed engine. What it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in reliability and a lower price tag. This scooter features 16" wheels, a 178cc GY6 based engine, and a reported 13-14HP. According to Linhai dealer Danny's Scooter Shop "Linhai is famous for function over form designs, choosing to build a solid scoot at the cost of leading edge aesthetics."

Since the engine is GY6 based, parts should be fairly easy to come by and the higher capacity of the engine should mean this bike is capable of 70-75MPH while still getting about 70MPG. Other niceties on this bike include a trunk ready rack, glove box, F&R disc brakes, and easy to read gauges. Accessory manufacturer Gigi promised that windshields and trunks should be coming in the near future for the new Linhai.

With a retail price of $2700 it is priced about $1000 less than SYM's 200cc model. Will it's reliability and low price tag overcome it's generic looking body? In today's economy it just might. Stay tuned for more updates on the new Yamaha designed Linhai 200cc scooter.

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