Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scooter Resource -- 125cc Scoots

The Best 125cc Scooters

Shopping for a scooter is easier if you have an idea of exactly what you want. Shopping for a 125cc scooter is even harder. There are very few that can be easily found locally. Here are some options to look at that are available in a 125cc model and how they perform.

Yamaha is offering two 125cc scooters. The Yamaha Vino Classic is a durable, efficient scooter to help zip you around town. This scooter is classic retro in design with great Yamaha engineering. The sporty style will keep you smiling
proudly as you head to your destination. The four stroke engine offered on this model delivers more torque and comes with an easy electric start and kickstart option. It has a rear-wheel locking device so if you decide to stop somewhere it would be difficult for someone to just walk off with the bike and the ignition is tamper proof when engaged. Another great option which is also offered by Yamaha is the all new 2009 Zuma 125 with it's sporty built to last design. You'll appreciate the wide sturdy wheels, awesome shocks, and large cushioned seat, not to mention the fuel-injected four stroke engine, all of which allow you to feel comfortable even on unpaved roads. It is available in blue/white, black and bright yellow and like the Vino Classic will set you back approximately $3,000.

Another good option is the 2009 Genuine Buddy which you can find at several sites and possibly in your local scooter/cycle store. I supplied a link so you can see what the scooter looks like, but feel free to shop around locally first. This 125cc four stroke engine delivers enough power to get you to speeds up to and possibly slightly more than 60mph. It is available in several color options including seafoam and orange among others. The approximate retail price of this scooter is $2,700.

The Kymco People S 125 which retails for about $3,000 and has nice smooth lines due to it's Eurpoean design. The scooter comes with 16" wheels and front disc brakes so you will feel safe and comfortable styling on this bike. This 125cc four stroke model comes with
storage under the cushioned seat for two and also a helmet hook. Check out the specs and more for this bike at varsitycycle.com as well as the new 2009 Aprilia SportCity One 125 for about the same price. This nice looking scooter will get you up to 55 mph in smooth comfort.

As for one more model with a 125cc option, keep an eye out for the 2009 Vespa GTS which will hopefully be available this summer. The reviews so far are looking pretty favorable. As I said, there are not that many 125cc scooters available so it's hard to actually get any comparisons for these models suggested so you may want to compare them to older models if you heart is set on a 125cc engine.

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