Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Do you know if a 2003 and 2004 ignition switch assembly are interchangeable on a Honda Reflex scooter?

I have a 2003 reflex and the ignition is getting stuck to where I
cant turn it on. It used to be that it only got stuck in the lock mode
so I stopped locking but now its stuck in the off position. so I can
get a used 2004 switch assembly for $30 and try to install it myself
(any advice on doing it myself would be helpful) or I can pay a dealer
$100+ for the part and however much for labor.
Thanks for the help
One reason i think this is happening is I have a big key chain that
puts pressure on the ignition.

The assemblies are interchangeable.
Buy the Honda Reflex Service Manual and follow the steps involved.
The Service Manual can be found here or at this site

Also, I'd suggest that you place just the key (with a ring) in the ignition.
The added weight of other keys and fobs are probably the culprit.

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