Friday, February 6, 2009

Scooter Resource -- Bajaj Q & A

Robin writes..

First let me say thanks for all the advice you have given to others.
Many times I have read this blog and had my problems solved. I have
a 2004 Chetak. Everything is great on her except the other night she
just stopped working. Let me explain what happened.
Driving home from work the other night around one in the morning I
was doing fifty on a nice flat stretch. The next thing I know she
just wasn't accelerating anymore and I had to pull over. I thought at
first I must have snapped a cable but once I got the Scooter home
(thanks to a friends truck) and checked the cables they all seemed to
be fine. The Scooter will start up and change gears (I can see the
cables pulling the transition into gear) but it just wont engage. As
i said, it starts up no problem, the engine sounds fine but I can't
get it to go into gear. Any ideas? I have a great scooter shop that I
plan to take her to but I thought I'd see if there is anything I can
look for or do first as they are massively expensive. I'd hate to
think that the transmission is just shot...
As you can probably tell I'm not that mechanically minded although I
have changed the shifter cable before once when that snapped (thanks
to a tutorial on this blog) So any advice or help would be
wonderful. Thanks again

Some possibilities...
Is there any tension on your clutch cable? Did you try re-setting the
tension (loosing the cable bolt near the clutch arm, resetting the
tightness and tightening them). Can you move the clutch arm with your

It it starts and runs fine but you have no drive, that narrows it down
to the clutch, I would think. Is it making any funny noises (whirring
or clunking)?
It may be a disconnect between the engine and transmission.
Does the clutch lever feel normal? or does it seem to have more or less play
in it?
With the back wheel off the ground with the engine off, while in neutral the
wheel should turn freely. As you go through the gears, normally (with
clutch engaged), the wheel will stop turning as the gears engage. If this
does not happen, it's internal with a complete teardown to fix.
There have been a few cases of the nut coming off of the clutch plate
To check, you must pull the clutch cover. This can be done without removing
the engine. Then you can see the entire engine/clutch/transmission


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