Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scooter Resource-- PGO scoots ?

Andrew asks...

I hope you are well. I have been doing some research into my next
bike over the last couple of weeks. I have gone from the thinking of
getting a 250cc Honda (manual motorbike) to thinking that a scooter
will suit me better, with the storage space and ease of twist and go.

I have considered the Kymco scoots (specifically the People S 200 and
the Grand Dink/Vista 250 - the 250 is winning at the moment).
Yesterday I came across the PGO scoots which I hadn't seen before.
These are imported into South Africa through Kawasaki.

Can anyone tell me about the PGO scoots? What is their quality and
reputation like compared to the Kymco scoots. I quite like the look
of the Gmax 250 - looks like it will give me everything I need
(except the bigger wheels for our rough roads).

So 2 questions:
1. How is the quality on the PGO scoots?
2. Would you recommend the Kymco or the PGO?

Many thanks
South Africa

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