Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scooter Resource -- Maintainance


Fuel System:

Keep the fuel tank full - especially during prolonged storage - to avoid rust.

Exhaust System:

Check all of the fasteners along the exhaust system and PAIR Emission system at each preventive maintenance check to help avoid blown exhaust gaskets and damaged PAIR items. Torque on headpipe studs is 7ft/lb, 9 Nm.

Fork Tubes:

Clean them to prolong fork tube seal life.


At least two people I know have experienced a catastrophic engine failure
due to oil loss!!!!

NEITHER observed tailpipe smoke or seepage or a puddle of oil.

At least one - a conservative rider - checked his oil (among other things)
WEEKLY - so his oil loss happened in a week's time of LOCAL ridng!

Hopefully, they will find out how the oil escaped when they
disassemble the engine so that we can learn from that
and avoid such a failure.

Meanwhile, check the oil each day you ride!!!

If one simply unscrews the dipstick and looks at the level on it, that dipstick was inserted about 1/2 inch FURTHER than the way it is to be done!!!!! - because it was SCREWED IN!!!!

It will give an artificially HIGH oil level indication.

It is imperative to:

1. Park the scooter on the centerstand - on flat ground.

2. Remove the dipstick, then wipe it with a clean lintfee wipe.

3. Reinsert the dipstick WITHOUT SCREWING IT IN
in order to get a correct check on the oil level.

4. Withdraw the dipstick without having screwed it in.

5. Check that the oil level is within the level marks on the dipstick.

Be careful to not overfill.

The Scooter Book: Everything you need to know about owning, enjoying and maintaining your scooter

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