Monday, February 16, 2009

Scooter Resource-- Burgman Observation

I've finally got round to trying the 'manual' mode on the Burger!
Since I've never heard anyone have a good word for it, I expected it
to be awful, but I actually quite liked it! I found it easier to use
than expected and the changes were much quicker than I'd feared.

Obviously there are times when its useful, and times when it'd be a
pain - its just a hassle in urban areas. But it'd be useful on open
roads, as you can use rather higher gears (and lower revs) than the
auto mode usually gives you.

Two snags: When you switch into Manual on the move, it puts you in too
low a ratio, often with a jerk. And since you have to use your left
hand for the rear brake, it gets awkward approaching fast roundabouts
etc cos your left hand is trying to do several things at once!

Still, much better than anticipated.

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