Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scooter Resource - Reflex Longevity

Ira claims:
I know many people who lease cars new cars and never bring them in for an oil change. What is even sadder is the lease companies do not care. When you return a lease they never ask for proof of service or service records all they care about is the miles and the body. They do check the body over carefully. When you buy a used scooter, motorcycle or car always assume the worst until they show you proof that the vehicle was serviced regularly.

I buy a new car every 5 years and always do my own service. I save all receipts from the auto parts store as well as the oil filters themselves for the first 36000 miles, until the warentee expires. Just in case I have to prove to the dealer that it was maintained.

When you buy a USED SCOOTER what proof of service did the seller show you. Thats why I go by mileage especially on older bikes that I buy, 25000 miles is the absolute max with under 10000 is what I prefer.

Personally, though
,I'm 100% with Bruce on this one and in fact, I think his 60,000 miles is very, very conservative for this engine. However, and it is a big however, ... it all comes down to how the previous owner rode it and
maintained it.

With higher milage units, documentation is the key for me. No
detailed maintenance records ... no sale. Obviously the visual
condition counts for something and can be an indictaor of overall
owner care but not always. there are some very clever detailers out

The Reflex's 250cc engine and it's basic design has been around for
decades and is time and road proven. Lots of cases of 100,000 miles
and even more. Just look at the old CH250 Elites that are still
going strong. (I know ... I had 2 of them)

I laughed when my BIL told me that 200,000 miles was about tops for
any car engine as "all the mechanical parts have a maximum life
expectency". I'm a maintenance nut and when I reached 400,000 on my
4 cylinder Camry, he stopped talking. I sold it to a neighbor who
still drives it ... closing in on 500,000 now.

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