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Re: Discussion topic  - upgrades From: John Moracho



Re: Discussion topic  - upgrades

Posted by: "John Moracho"   colorfusion

Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:14 am (PDT)

Just looked up the LC Super 9, looks like a sweet ride. I'm not sure I'm
going with the big bore kit on my bike. For now I just dropped off my ET4
today, he's installing the new variator. Looking forward to testing it
out. I am planning on spending the money on the pipe, jet's and the air

Anyone interested in a Sunday ride that lives in the South Charlotte area? I
live in Starmount and have a buddy who rides with me as well, the more the


From: [] On
Behalf Of Donald Obst
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: [BuzzardsSC] Discussion topic - upgrades

I've got a LC Super 9 with a big bore kit, pipe and trans parts, i.e.
variator and torque drive pully. It is so much fun and the performance is
everything everyone said it would be.

Those prices seem very reasonable to me.

John Moracho wrote:

I went to the shop on south blvd. and spoke with Caleb (mechanic).
When I told him I was Interested in upgrading the scoot he told me
That he reccomends first getting the variatot kit. He charges $195
for the upgrade, it's the Malosi kit for te ET4. Well the price is only
about $20 more than the kit costs online. So I have to say that's
pretty awesome. I was wondering if anyone else had this done and if
so what are your thoughts. Also thinking about putting a pipe on
there, he installs those for free but insists on re-jetting your carb
and it's a flat $50. What kind of pipes besides the Sito plus do
y'all reccomend?



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