Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SYM Fights Clones !

Late yesterday, Jonathon Arm, CEO for Carter Brothers (the USA's importer of SYM products) issued the following statement in regards to Lance Scooter's Vienna, a clone of the SYM's own Fiddle.

June , 2009
Dear SYM Dealers:

Carter/SYM USA, along with SYM Corporate Headquarters in Taiwan, would like to make you aware of a very serious situation that has recently come to our attention.

Lance Powersports, Inc. of Ontario, California, has been advertising and marketing a scooter by the name of the Vienna 50/125 which they claim to be manufactured by SYM's China subsidiary.

The truth is Lance Powersports tried to obtain this product illegally through a China trading company; SYM Taiwan management had no knowledge of this transaction or intent to allow Lance to import this model into the U.S. market. It is in fact a triangle trade through a trading company for product originally intended for Mexico. Note: The Vienna 50/125 will not be sold through Lance Powersports into the U.S. market period; SYM Taiwan Headquarters has not authorized Lance to do so.

Lance Powersports has gone as far as downloading Carter and SYM generated images and verbiage used on the SYM-USA website for promotional purposes. Unfortunately this incident may have been just a way for Lance to promote their own brand and agenda by trying to sabotage the SYM dealer network as well as capitalize on all of our marketing efforts and, of course, the success of the SYM brand and products in the U.S. Chinese distributors never cease to amaze us with the schemes they come up with to make a quick dollar!

Carter and SYM together have invested millions of dollars in promoting and establishing a viable SYM Dealer Network in the U.S. We have always promoted SYM as a great Taiwanese Brand and Company that conducts business with honesty and integrity. SYM has always been well known for producing the highest quality scooters in the world which exceed the quality, style and performance of equivalent Japanese and Italian scooters in many cases, and offer value to SYM Dealers and Riders alike!

Carter/SYM USA, as well as SYM Taiwan, pledge our continued support in making your exclusive SYM dealership a successful and profitable business venture and we will certainly continue to do our part to make sure your investment in SYM is secure.
Jonathan C. Arn
Carter Brothers Mfg. Co., Inc.
1871 US Highway 231
Brundidge, AL 36010

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