Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scooter Resource -- Yamaha Morpheus Review

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Morpheus Review

Zipping through the Black Hills of South Dakota will test a rider's skill to the limit and the little 250cc Yamaha Morphous scooter takes a back seat to no one.

The long wheelbase and low CG guarantees flying sparks off the under carriage and the 25 inch seat height allows your feet to work as very effective outriggers. If the road has more tight curves than straight-aways, you'll likely be the one in front of the pack. Highway cruising is at a comfortable 70 mph.

Don't misunderstand, I'm 67 years old (riding 50 years) and am dedicated to safety, which is kind of my point. If you expand your skills you're safer on the road and the Morphous is extremely stable in tight situations and a joy to ride.

2008 was the last year for the Morphous and for an American market, Yamaha probably knew they'd made some unforgivable mistakes.

The windshield is about as effective as a bumper sticker and after about an hour, the seat feels like Godzilla's suppository. Worst of all, the endless number of plastic body panels will scratch and craze at the slightest provocation. It also makes maintenance a real pain.

As a concept, the Morphous is functionally the best scooter on the road. Yamaha just forgot that Americans won't plunk down several thousand dollars on a scoot that looks old and tired in six months.

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