Friday, April 10, 2009

Scooter Resource -- Reflex Tributes

bliss has two wheels.

Heaven is a special place. I happen to have a piece of it parked outside.

It's a lazy boy that can travel at 75mph.
It's a cloud with a throttle grip.
It's seven feet long and looks good wet.
It has an automatic transmission and no foot pedals.
It's got enough cargo space to smuggle three midgets out of the country.
It's got more pilot room than a Harley Road King.
It's got two change trays, a parking brake, a glovebox, twin headlights, a
fuel gauge, a clock in the dash and a terribly confused partridge that was,
until recently, in a pear tree.
It's more quiet than a library full of ninjas, and it's smoother to ride
than a mattress stuffed with bunny rabbits down a giant buttered marshmallow

And it's all mine.

Heaven, thy name is Reflex.

see y'all on the road. :D

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