Friday, April 24, 2009

Scooter Resource -- Ready To Ride ?

Some tips to get your bike ready for the up-and-coming riding season and save yourself some money. Here is a complete guide to all you need to Know About Scooter maintenance. Even if you checked it over before storing it for the winter, you'll want to go through this checklist before hitting the road this riding season.

1. Battery:
Make certain it is fully charged if it was not on a battery tnder.

2. Air Filter:
Check and,if needed, remove and/or clean the air filter.

3. Fluids:

Always check your fluids levels.

4. New plugs:
Now is a good time to go ahead and change spark plugs.

5. Tires:
Keep your tires correctly inflated. check the tire tread and make sure that there are no major cracks.

6. Brakes:
We probably dont need to tell you that your brakes are important and you should recheck the brake lines as well as the brake fluid and pads regularly before going out for a ride. Replace brake fluid every year and your brakes will perform the best.

7. Chain.
If your bike has been sitting for long time is a good idea to examine your drivebelt.

8. Bearings & Bushings
Go over your entire bike and locate all of the bearings and give a nice lubrication. Lubricate everything that needs it.

9. Carburetors.
If you didn't drain your carburetors before storing it you're going to want to clean it out with some carburetor cleaner. Take care of your carburetor. If you have to re-tune your carburetor you may be able to find a more detailed guide online on your specific carburetor to tune it properly.

10 Fuel.

Is your Fuel ok? Did you take the time to pour some stabilizer in the before storage? If the fuel is bad take your tank off and drain it into a bucket then add some fresh fuel before starting your engine.

* Cool, think how much money you saved on garage fees. Start the engine and let it warm up before you revving it up. Ok, if all is good go out for a long ride and enjoyed the spring weather. Be safe man.

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