Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Honda Activa

A new Honda Activa has been introduced to the Indian market by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India private limited (HMSI) , boasting with a new style and a bag full of new features. The new Activa will be powered with a 110 cc Honda engine and the mileage is increased by 15 per cent due to cutting edge technologies.

The other highlights of the vehicle include combi-brake, new design, halogen lamp, tuff-up tube in rear tire and an increased under seat storage.

“The New Activa will be the first scooter in the Indian market to have the combi-brake feature. This technology enables shorter braking system and stable braking” said Hamamatsu, advisor sales.

The Honda Activa has been designed for the new era. It is a family two-wheeler and features a higher load carrying capacity than similar scooters. Honda Activa is popular for its practical styling, ease of use, better ride quality and the excellent 102cc engine. Perfect in design and technology, Honda Activa is more than just a means of transportation. The Convenient Lift up Independent Cover (CLIC), adopted for the first time on a scooter in India, makes maintenance easier and faster, helping the rider to get back on the road much quicker than any other scooter. This feature enables the rider to easily lift up the Activa's rear body cover like the bonnet of a car. Developed on Honda's globally tested 4-stroke technology, it comes with a host of new features, which are designed to maximize riding comfort and ease of use.


* Perfect combination of curves, creases and flawless paint finish

* The metal body offers a cost-effective option of repair by denting and painting. There is no need to replace any part completely.

* Integrated headlight/indicators create a smooth form along the handlebar

* Overall sleek aerodynamic design provides increased fuel economy

* First scooter in India equipped with a multi-reflector light

* Neat dashboard embedded in well-finished plastic

* Accurate fuel gauge

* Integrated headlight/indicators create a smooth form along the handlebar

* Color variants: Strand Silver Metallic, Black, Geny Grey Metallic, Azure Blue Metallic, Misty Pink Metallic


* It does 0-60 under 6 seconds

* Can run at a speed greater than 90 kmph

* Equipped with 4-stroke 102.1 cc engine

* Peak power of 7 bhp @ 7000 rpm

* Peak torque of 0.8 Kgm @ 5500 rpm

* Compact body offers ease of handling and delivers performance and reliability.

* Puncture-resistant "tuff-up" tyre and tube combination

* Front fender does not block the driver's view of the front wheel's path and saves accidents

* Excellent brakes

* Honda Activa use centrifugal force-operated clutches and variomatic gearboxes

* Ride quality is slightly better on the Honda, which has found a nice compromise between firm and plush

* Weight has been cleverly distributed and heavy batteries placed in front and under the floorboard

* Hand lever-operated brakes


* Low seat height and thinner floor means no strain when putting feet on the ground, despite high ground clearance

* The front fender moves with the front wheel, responding to handle bar movement

* The riding position is specially designed to make handling easy and reduce rider fatigue

* The Activa's suspension is spring-loaded hydraulic damper both in the front and the rear

* The highest ground clearance in its class at 145mm above ground

* High enough ground clearance to drive smoothly through bad roads and speed breakers

* A family two-wheeler with higher load carrying capacity

* The Convenient Lift up Independent Cover (CLIC), adopted for the first time on a scooter in India

* Option of kick- and self-starts

* The newly developed 4-cycle engine offers lower noise levels than competing models

* The chassis is of high rigidity under bone type and the body panels are molded steel sheet

* The under seat storage can hold 2 helmets

* Glove box is very handy for putting in assorted items like cellphone, books, license, registration papers

Mileage and Economy

* 45 - 50 km per litre in the long run

* Overall sleek aerodynamic design provides increased fuel economy

* Meets latest emission norms

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