Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scooter Resource -- Vino Windscreens

Last year I bought a Slipstreamer Spitfire 06 windshield for my Vino Classic, they will also fit the Vino 125. Slipstreamer makes a variety of very affordable windshields. They fit only on scooters with the "motorcycle" type handlebars. The Chinese (Vespa) type setups, the windshields attach to the mirror stanchions. They are easy to install and can be removed by just loosening a couple clamps. The brackets stay on the handlebars so they don't have to be repositioned again. Getting them adjusted to the proper angle for max wind protection amd top speed gain is a real pain and takes a lot of trial and error. But no matter how you adjust them, you will still get wind buffeting either over the top or under the windshield. I found no benefit on my Classic. It did not improve top speed or wind drag. No matter how I adjusted it, I still got a lot of wind on the head and face, or against my body. You will still need to wear a helmet with face shield. But it did look cool. When I stored my scooter for the winter, I took it off and have no plans to put it back on. In fact, I think I have it sold to a guy in town. OEM - I have no real information on OEM windshields, other than they are expensive and have very little adjustment. Whether they offer better protection and give a better increase in performance, I have no idea ... So, basically I am saying if you have a 50cc scooter, save your money, a windshield will not do much to improve performance (unless you have it modded and can do over 45 mph). If you have a larger scooter capable of doing highway speeds, 125cc or 150cc, then a windshield might be a good investment. There is a website that sells the Slipstreamer windshield that I bought. I think the total was about $65 with shipping. A windshield does deflect the bugs and dust and sand, etc. But they require a special cleaning fluid and they scratch and pit easily. And in very strong cross winds they act like a sail and make the steering a little unstable. If I were to do it over again, I would go with OEM. The one for my Classic I saw on the internet for $90 + shipping, which is about $10-$12 cheaper than through a dealer. The OEM windshields are made of a better quality material and are designed specifically for the Classic or the Vino 125cc. A lot of people claim they increase top speed, and if installed correctly they probably do because they direct the flow of air over and around the rider instead of directly on him. I just never could get my windshield adjusted properly. Plus the Classic just does not go fast enough to really produce a lot of drag. The faster you go, the more efficient is a windshield.

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