Friday, January 30, 2009

Scooter Resource -- Majesty thoughts

Tim asks..

My daughter and I popped over from Nth London to Clacton today (~60 miles)
on the CB Two Fifty and collected our Majesty 250.

First impressions:

It was bleedin cold out there today!

She says: (and possibly in comparison with her 125 Skipper).

It's quite well planted.

It's reasonably nippy.

Quite comfortable.

Good weather protection (except hands).

and reasonable brakes.

We haven't had time to explore it much further but I do have the
following questions if I may.

What is the whirring noise you hear from the back somewhere when you
apply either brake and should it even be there?

Should we be able to ride ~60 miles at ~50 mph on dipped beam and not
have a dead battery when we get home? (It did start it 3-4 times on the
way home with no problems).[1]

What should the temperature gauge read (be reading)? It was just above C
all the way home.

What are the tyre pressures for solo work.

Does anyone have a spare owners handbook please? ;-)
(or is there such info on the net somewhere)?

Cheers, T i m

Tim - both an owners manual and a full workshop manual are available - email
me for info.
The whirring noise is a result of the drilled brake disks

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