Friday, May 15, 2009

Scooter Resource Buyer question

Steve asks :
Hello All. I'm looking to buy a used Honda Reflex scooter. I've seen some advertised with over 20,000 miles. How high is too high to where your just buying a major headache?
Well,I wouldn't buy one with over 100,000 miles. But seriously, I bought my
Reflex with about 15,000, rode it for two years and sold it with about
30,000. It was tight as a drum. Ran perfectly. I had a top mechanic
check it out before offering it on CL. It was a 2002ABS. Great machine.
I needed almost nothing except regular maintenance. (I did have a dirty
connector that was intermittent on the left brake lever. It would
sometimes not start. But you'd find that right away.) Replaced the
tires when I bought it and replaced one of them at about 9,000 miles.

That said, be sure to check for damage, compression, etc.

Over-all this machine will last for a lot of miles.

Hope everyone is keeping warm out there.What's the temp out there? Bet you wish you were back in the Summertime, I know I wish I was lately. Curious since it was 7 above this morning and all roads and yard leading to paved roads covered with frozen snow. The trails out to 'real roads' are either packed snow or solid ice. I know that many of you ride in the cold out there, just curious how much so.
I want to get my Flex out of the shed but I'd have to snowblow a path from the shed to the road and the road is nothin but ice right now....I'm not riding anytime soon but it would be cool to have warm weather again in the Spring....and share stories of winter riding from people that can.

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